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Shavings, a valuable tool

Wood shavings

Under the light of continuous growth and development of our products, we converted, first in Greece, the byproducts from timber process developing an innovative package for shavings.

Shavings are a valuable tool for those involved in breeding and housing of animals (horse riding clubs, husbandry, poultry). Their quality and kind differ depending on the type of timber used.

D. Chortaridis S.A. produces shavings from timber of pine and spruce, imported from Europe.

The process of their production guarantees the product protection from any kind of danger of blending with other materials (saw dust, impurities etc) thus remaining clean and fluffy without increasing its weight and decreasing its bulk.

From the cutting knives, via a duct system, the shavings are lead directly to the packaging area, where they are packed in plastic sterile bags without any intervening from other objects or processes that might damage the product.



  • They come in plastic bags 1.10 x 1.40 m of 17kgr weight. Therefore they can be stored in any place even outdoors.
  • Thanks to the package there is a limitation in the risk of losing product due to the weather conditions (air, rain) as in cases of unpacked delivery.
  • They are 100% natural. They come from natural timber of pine and fir ideal for shavings, without any substances causing allergies to the animals.
  • They are free from any additives, other objects etc, that affect their weight, so as every kilo consists of true product that gives greater bulk and covers a greater surface.
  • ΥHigh absorption. With really low humidity levels, approximately 10%, since they are produced by drying timber.
  • Great autonomy. The product is delivered in cargo quantities with closed cargo trucks. Therefore, for your convinience, you can organize your order and ensure the quantity you wish from summer months so you have in stock, provided that there is plenty of the product during summertime.
  • Fast and easy transportation under any weather conditions, even the hardest ones.
  • Controlled and safe transportation under the supervision and guarantee of our company.


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 (+30) 2310 796 690 & 691

 (+30) 2310 796 690 & 691