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About us

The company D. Chortaridis SA is active in the import, processing and trade of timber. With quality timber products, has long been one of the leading and most recognized suppliers in retailing timber across Greece.

  • Capacity and leadership
  • Excellent organization and consistency
  • Perfect and immediate service
  • Attention to every detail
  • Qualified human resources
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Love for timber

These are only some of the principles that reflect our company’s spirit.

  • The company D. Chortaridis SA consists a valuable co-operator with long experience, clear perception of the needs of the market, with constant stock of ready products having the ability to cover the most demanding client.





The company D.Chortaridis S.A. was funded in 1980 and for 33 years continues the constant and successful role in the market of timber.

Dimitris Chortaridis, funder of the company, starting from a small timber store managed to create an up-to-date production unit in the Industrial area of Thessaloniki.

With his passion for perfection and love for wood he emerged D.Chortaridis S.A. as one of the top companies in the field in Greece.

Dimitris Chortaridis, as CEO, his sons Ioannis and Sotiris Chortaridis, who constitute the linking chain between present and future, along with the qualified, experienced personnel work as a whole aiming to have the company continue its upward and successful career.

Today, regardless the difficulties of the times, we support our co-workers, faithful to our principles and values, among which this company was funded and we continue our route aiming to the constant development of our products, so as to always meet the market’s demands.



Our facilities are locketed in the industrial area of Thessaloniki in Sindos, in our self-owned premises of a total acreage of 17000m, 6000m of which house 2000m of production unit and 4000m of storage room.

In our facilities we have two up-to-date production lines, highly equipped, with top high standard equipment. The processes of wood planning, cutting and wrapping are executed using machines of most modern technology and perfect precision.

The big closed storage rooms, always tidy, protect the finished products and raw materials in conjunction with the capacious outside space for loading and the high standard lift trucks contribute to our immediate response and as a result to the best service for our clients any time.

Our facilities fulfill all the necessary conditions of safety, concerning both the staff and the environment. Besides the production process of a product as natural as wood couldn’t but be accompanied by a clear eco-friendly direction so as to avoid the emission of polluting elements to the atmosphere.

The rest of the rooms consist of organized and well equipped offices, as well as the comfortable and well cared rest rooms for the staff are essential in order to keep their productivity.

Organization, ergonomics and neatness constitute the major characteristics for all our working rooms. Therefore we can always meet the demands of our production.



The company D.Chortaridis S.A. employs permanent expert staff with long time working in the company’s service, whose technical knowledge and longlife experience guarantees the result.

In every contact with us our eager and expert staff is at your service to help and guide you responsibly.



Our company having the role of the supplier addresses mainly to traders who deal with retail trade of timber and undertakes their supply. Offering stable quality in competitive prices pursues, at the same time, and cultivates stable co-operations and trustworthy relationships with its clients.

For those interested in our products, but due to small quantities we are unable to serve them, it would be our pleasure to contact us in order to advise and guide them as to cover their needs from selected collaborative stores in their area.



Planed pine and spruce timber as any kind of building material
In stock products of our own processing
Guaranteed quality
Great variety of products
Large range of sizes and cross section
Completion of special orders for big quantities
Product exportation abroad

Why should you choose us

  • Incomparable quality
  • Great variety
  • Detail
  • Responsibility

Quality materials are the only way for an elegant, timeless structure.

Keep your customers pleased with timber products that endure in time.

Get benefited by choosing the best for your structure.

We offer great variety in any kind of planed timber building products of different cross sections, as well as building profiles for a contemporary, resistant and elegant profile with wood interior paneling or exterior cladding.

Our products are packed carefully with contemporary methods so as to be kept untouched throughout their delivery and to be stored even outdoors.

The company D.Chortaridis S.A. constitutes a valuable co-operator with great experience, clear perception of the needs of the market, with constant stock of ready products having the ability to cover the most demanding client.


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 (+30) 2310 796 690 & 691

 (+30) 2310 796 690 & 691